Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fields of Fear

In 2006 I made Fields of Fear, about Canadian cattle mutilation investigator Fern Belzil, for Space: The Imagination Station. Here it is in its entirety, courtesy of our distributor, Paranormal TV.

The film features Fern, as well as my friends Greg Bishop, Nick Redfern and Kevin Randle.

Paul Kimball


Ryan P. said...

Thanks for posting this (and making it in the first place). It's the most balanced, objective look I've seen yet at the interesting cattle mute mystery.


Anonymous said...

20 years ago I heard they seen that ON a fresh mutilation, cells were seperated at the cell walls without damaging the cells structure in the tissue.

Has anyone taken samples and looked to see if what they made findings of 20 years ago still happens today?

If the finding under a microscope are still the same they could be photographed and that would be a smoking gun to rule out wild animal bites, ritual knife cuts becuase even today medical science can not make a cut without damaging cells when making a cut.