Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Would I Hoax a UFO Sighting?

Not too long ago, I was chatting with someone about UFOs, and they asked me if I would ever consider hoaxing some sort of UFO event. I thought about it for a second, and said, "absolutely".

For profit? Nope (any money made would go to charity). Instead, I would do it, maybe someday, to prove a point.

When might it happen? Probably on the day when I've finally heard so much stupidity and silliness with respect to the UFO subject that I couldn't take it anymore. I don't see that day coming anytime soon, but one never knows...

I certainly have the means, knowledge and ability to pull off a hoax. Given my education, training and background, it would probably be along the lines of some MJ-12 style documents, followed by a major media blitz. But who knows - maybe some clever pyro tricks of light, and a faked film? Or maybe... well, let's not give it all away.

Unlike other hoaxers, such as Billy Meier, or George Adamski, or Silas Newton, or Ray Santilli, or Rick Doty, I would quickly reveal all (I would also do a much better job). What fun is a hoax without a "gotcha" moment? Only wackos or disinformation agents keep it going ad infinitum.

So, what would be the point, you ask? First, to see if it could succeed with the selcted target (see below re: the initial target); second, to show that even after a hoax has been perpetrated, and then admitted by the perpetrator, it will live on... because I can guarantee you that even after I fessed up, there would still be people who would believe it was real, and that I had been made to recant.

Especially because I would never reveal how I did it, just that I did. Like a good magician, one should always leave them guessing.

Now, the only question is who would I target - the true believers, or the fundamentalist debunkers?

Easy answer - the fundies. The true believers would be like shooting fish in a barrell, and what fun is that? A fundamentalist debunker would be a much bigger challenge, and hence a much bigger reward!

Besides, the true believers will be there long after the hoax is over, keeping it alive, until the end of time.

Now, just in case anyone wants to get all huffy and self-righteous about the fact that I would even consider this, I can tell you that you would be surprised how often this topic gets bandied about by people who research the UFO phenomenon, and how many of them agree with me, and for the same reasons.

In short, trust no one. ;-)

Paul Kimball


Object said...

I've been researching this topic for two decades and I certainly don't agree. The subject of ufology is enigmatic enough without self-righteous skeptics further muddying the waters. To intentionally deceive and complicate an issue for the sake of amusement is misplaced at best.

Would you walk into a cancer research lab and intentionally mix in a contaminated tissue sample with the control group in the hopes of passing it off as 'real' just to prove it's possible? It's the same concept on a different scale. The only difference is, scores of other people have already proven the ability to pass hoaxes off as real. Point made. Can we move on to more important things now, like the tens of thousands of sightings that have been proven to be 'real'.

I can at least take solace in the fact that hoaxers are the minority these days.

Lesley said...

It would be wrong to do that. I understand your point, but there are already enough hoaxes that prove it. Besides which, some people would be believing it is the real thing for years to come, no matter how many times you said it was a hoax. Look at the Haiti videos, the guy came out and told the world they are fake and yet I still get emails about them and see them talked about as real various places on the web.

Mac said...

I say go for it. Hoaxes are educational, so long as the hoaxer fesses up. The best I've seen lately are the Haiti videos. The hoaxer even did one better and fooled the debunkers by "filming" two women controlling a small, toy version of the "craft" in the original video.

Needless to say, committed skeptics bought it when the object in question was in truth yet another CGI stunt (and aerodynamically unlikely to boot).

Anonymous said...

I disagree aswell! Stop being so ignorant! Nothing is clearer than Meiers message, DONT WORSHIP OR IDOLIZE! How can that message be ALL about ufology and hoaxing...WAKE UP!

Paul Kimball said...

Wake up would mean being awake, which would mean my eyes would be open, which would mean that I could see the Meier photos and film, which are clearly hoaxes.

Guess which one of us needs to wake up. Meier's message is about $$.

Paul Kimball said...

It's funny - I got a dozen or so e-mails all berating me for this post, in some pretty harsh and, in a few cases, foul terms. To them, and everyone else, I can only say two things:

1. You need to get a sense of humour, and

2. April Fool's!

The joke... or mini-hoax, as it were, is on you! :-)



P.S. The ";-)" at the end should have been a glaring clue... as well as the date the post was made.

Mission accomplished!

Anonymous said...

Nice going Paul!
A real 'GOTCHA' - lol


Paul Kimball said...

What makes it really funny is that it was a post about hoaxing, made on April Fool's Day! I swear... I'm still laughing at the hate mail.

Paul Kimball said...

You write:
"I can at least take solace in the fact that hoaxers are the minority these days."
Really? Are you sure about that? They ahd Richard Boylan and then Steven Greer on two consecutive nights on C2C earlier this week. I think the hoaxers, frauds, con-men and hucksters are alive and well, thanks.

Joseph Capp said...

I think most people don't need you to hoax a picture all they have to do is go to You Tube. Hoaxing is a sad business when it comes to UFOs and other phenomenon because coming forward can be very frightening. But when you have multiple sighting with video then you have a hard time explaining the video and a conspiracies.
If UFO are some type of scientific phenomenon why muddy the waters with a hoax..to prove once again some people can be fooled... what else is new.
" I can understand the evil men do in the name of evil but God helps us from the evil done in the name of good".
It is sad commentary on the brave UFO witnesses who do not hoaxed and are automatically assumed to be hoaxers because of this. But of course these are just people who cares. Of course if the photo can't be proven as hoaxed their is always character assignations or question which no one can answer.
I am 64 years old and never thought society in America would turn out like this but it is a sign of our times and the selfishness, with the Rush Blowhards, and Bill orally which play to the baser parts of our make-up where everyone is out to lie cheat or for their fifteen minutes. Maybe that is the people you know it certainly not the people I know.

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters
Post: "The Day After Stephenville. "who does the leg work on mass sightings MUFON Volunteers i wonder if we even know their names; now you will.

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