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UFOs: Too Weird to be Extraterrestrials?

Mac Tonnies has a well-written and interesting new post at his SETI blog titled Reconciling UFOs and the Singularity: Part I.

One of the points he raises, however, which is a reflection of what Dr. Jacques Vallee has been saying for decades now, is problematic. Mac comments:

As noted by acclaimed researcher Jacques Vallee, the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (ETH) typically embraced by ufologists fails to account for the phenomenon's enduring weirdness.
I have to admit, while I remain a healthy agnostic on the question of extraterrestrial visitation to Earth, I have never understood this particular reason for rejecting the ETH as the most logical of the non-prosaic explanations.

Yes, many UFO sightings are weird in terms of our understanding of what is happening. One of my favourite of the "high strangeness" types of cases happened here in Halifax (see: High Strangeness in Halifax). But that weirdness is not a reason for rejecting the ETH, unless one is viewing possible alien life and through the prism of human understanding. By doing so, both Tonnies and Vallee evince a very 1950s / 1960s sci-fi outlook of what alien life would be like. In short when they state that the weird behaviour of some UFO cases seems to rule out ET as the cause, they are assuming that aliens will more or less act like us, or at least in ways that we can understand. Since the UFOs are not acting in a way that makes sense to us, as aliens presumably would, then they must be something else - extradimensionals, or cryptoterrestrials.

The problem is that this assumption flies in the face of our own human experience when different cultures meet each other. For example, when the first European explorers reached the south Pacific islands, neither they nor the natives even remotely understood each other. History is replete with similar examples.

This happened on a frequent basis when it was different cultures coming in contact with each other, where one was more technologically advanced than the other, but not by a significant degree - decades, or perhaps centuries, but in either case, a drop in the bucket where development is concerned. Even after prolonged exposure to other cultures, profound differences of understanding and perception would remain, which in part would explain the not infrequent colonial disasters that would befall European military expeditions when led by men who had no understanding of the local terrain, or how the natives waged their own style of warfare.

And that's just a difference in understanding and perception between cultures within the same species, all of whom are singing from the same proverbial hymn book, if not the same page. What about differences between different species of vastly different levels of intelligence? How do cats perceive humans, for example, or how do ants perceive humans? Can they understand our behaviour; can we understand theirs?

The point is that just because UFOs might behave in ways that we cannot understand is no reason for concluding that they are too weird to be extraterestrials on the grounds that an extraterrestrial would never behave in such a weird manner. The truth is that we have no idea how an extraterrestrial would behave, or what their motives would be for coming here. This works both ways - they might not be able to understand us, in the same way as we don't fully understand what's going in with various animals when they do certain things. In fact, I would argue that any alien life is likely to be so different from us that we should expect that it will behave in a manner that is completely... well, alien to us.

Does this mean that UFOs might not be extradimensional beings, or cryptoterrestrials? Of course not. But when one tries to determine which of these explanations seems more likely, one should always be careful of basing their conclusions, whether in whole or in part, on the anthropomorphic assumption that because UFOs sometimes behave in ways that seem "weird" to us, it is less likely that they are extraterrestrial beings that cryptos or extradimensional beings.

Paul Kimball


DM Duncan said...

There is also the possibility that they have studied us enough to know how to remotely manipulate our perception to achieve the effect of confusion among us. The day will probably soon be here when DARPA will develop technology to do the same thing. I don't assume that reports of such weirdness are accurate reports of what is really occurring, thought I do not doubt at all that is how the percipients experience them. If you read Stanton's book on the Betty and Barney Hill case, you'll see that weirdness characterized the Hills' experiences subsequent to their abduction, but why did it start AFTERWARDS? They had to be hypnotically guided to a remote location and physically taken first. Was something done to them on that first occasion to facilitate the appearance of the subsequent episodes of weirdness?

Mac said...

Hiya Paul,

By doing so, both Tonnies and Vallee evince a very 1950s / 1960s sci-fi outlook of what alien life would be like.

I would argue that it's the phenomenon itself that conforms to the expectations of pulp SF. Now *that's* weird!

Cliff Willett said...

Why does it have to be either one or the other? The 'classic' repeated scenario of abduction by greys may well represent extraterrestrial activity, while the more unique 'high strangeness' cases may represent an entirely different phenomenon.

I think the biggest mistake researchers make is to assume that there must be a single 'theory of everything' to explain the entire UFO/alien phenomenon.

Just because we ourselves happen to pigeonhole two different anomalous events into the UFO category, it doesn't necessarily follow that those two events are actually related to each other.

Despite acquiring a veneer of quasi-scientific respectability over the years, the term 'UFO' is actually virtually meaningless. It simply means "things that are seen in the sky but not recognised".

Trying to force a single theory to explain all events that fall into this nebulous category is rather like trying to force a single theory to explain the origin of "objects that fly and are coloured green" or "things that are heard but not seen".

Paul Kimball said...

I agree, and have said so before. UFOs - or UAP, as I prefer to call the phenomenon - are likely many things. However, not all theories are created equal - some make more sense, and fit the facts, better than others. Further, it is important to loom for patterns, and see what that may lead to, as opposed to looking at each case individually.

mr. intense said...

There are several issues here:

It seems to me that, at present, the ufo/uap phenomenon is not understood.

We really just do NOT know what is occurring. As a result, in the effort to try to grasp what might be going on, whatever conclusions one reaches as to what the phenomenon means or is caused by (and I would argue that we should use the plural term, phenomena, as I suspect several things may be involved, originating from both very rare prosaic natural phenomena, the physiological and mental effects an encounter with such phenomena create in the mind of the percipient, and other, possibly "artificial" "displays," originating from both covert human and non-human intelligence of some kind and/or sources), that the normal or usual human tendency, (especially among those who have not researched the history and patterns and both differences and similarities between the best cases over time) is to try to come up with some logical answer, which leads to speculation and theorization, and the either conscious or unconscious process of "defining" or trying to fit the various ufo/uap phenomena into some discrete category, or box.

In other words, the human mind has great difficulty with something witnessed or experienced that is truly anomalous, and in the effort to try to come to terms or understand such an encounter, our minds can't help but try to figure it out, even in lieu of any provable, concrete facts about said phenomena. We are pattern recognition machines, in a way, and our minds, when encountering the unknown, or "high strangeness," that our minds initially either reject on some level or are perplexed and confused by, a process usually unfolds in the mind to somehow try to come up with answers, categorization, or ways and means of pigeon-holing or better defining the nature of the phenomena witnessed or encountered.

Considering the overlay of culture, myth, and how we develop from infancy learning how to interact with the world and reality, many human-originated belief or intellectual processes are then triggered, if for no other reason than the need of the mind to come to terms with such experiences.

I suspect this human mental process, when encountering and attempting to understand the unknown, especially that which involves "weirdness" or "high strangeness," that can trigger fear or an inability to rationally cope with, causes the mind to create or confabulate answers, even if they are not true or accurate. I think this process has been going on for tens of thousands of years, and is in large part one of the primary sources for the origins of religion and other belief systems. In that sense, in a way, uap research is both a kind of intellectual and spiritual quest to know.

So, the question at hand not only involves what the various uap phenomena might be, but also the kind of mind and orientation of that mind or minds and how uap phenomena affect perception, recall, and how individuals, after the encounter, define or understand their experience.

It's shades of gray, not black and white. Not binary. And Vallee's statements about the possible non-ETH source of the uap phenomena do not hinge on a single arguement. For reference, his more nuanced arguements about possible non-ETH sources can be found at:
("Five Arguments Against the Extraterrestrial Origin of Unidentified Flying Objects," SSE, Volume 4: Number 1)

This article, which is from 1990, should also not be considered as a definitive statement of Vallee's current understanding and interpretation of uap phenomena--his views on the issues have evolved considerably over time, and I would say his current understanding has evolved beyond his "Five Arguements..." paper over the past 18 years since it was published.

Vallee's real importance and value in the matter of ufo/uap phenomena is in the sense that he's really saying we need to keep an agnostic approach, not fall into any one definition, or even series of theories, in lieu of evidence and scientific proof. Many times, when asked, he has been quite honest in saying he does not know what the ufo/uap phenomena constitutes, other than that it is real, and deserves high-level scientific and other forms of interpretive processes to be applied in order to attempt to gain more insight and evidence into the matter.

I agree completely with Paul that "it is important to look for patterns, and see what that may lead to, as opposed to looking at each case individually," as we are dealing with, and I suspect interacting with, a variety of phenomena and sources of experience. An agnostic approach is critical, and also learning more about understanding how the human mind deals with the unknown is equally crucial.

Sorry for the length of this comment, Paul, but trying to even discuss this very complex matter is such that I wanted to make more than just a brief comment. I think you have touched on one of the core issues of uap phenomena and both our capability and process of trying to deal with truly unknown anomalous phenomena.

In conclusion, returning to the post topic, "UFOs: Too Weird to be Extraterrestrials?"--I have to say too weird for whom or what? If uap phenomena, in some small part, involve interactions with a non-human intelligence or consciousness of some sort, and that may be able to affect or influence our experience of it in an interactive manner, nothing is "too weird" to rule out the ETH or any other realistic theory, whether it's the EDH, CT, time travel, or stochastic, embedded, "many worlds" theories. Or, some combination of the above. Or something completely different and possibly incomprehensible.

Again, it's frustrating and perplexing to say this, but we just do not know yet, and we may never be _able_ to know at our current evolutionary level of consciousness. But it's definitely worth contemplating and researching as best we can.

Redoubt said...

For what it's worth, my guess is that we are faced with multiple phenomena and multiple answers as to ‘why’ we don’t yet understand it.

The unexplainable type UFOs are likely a combination government/military craft, extraterrestrials and as-yet unknown/misunderstood life forms that naturally exist between the atmosphere and low-Earth orbit.

As for the obfuscation, it does seem abundantly clear that the US government (among others) is actively engaged in covering up whatever it knows. Their reasoning likely runs the gamut from secret military air & spacecraft to simply not wanting to admit that they are impotent to either oppose or even fully understand what is happening.

I think that we should also suspect that if it can be accomplished, that there are those in high places that would not be above (no pun intended) using UFOs as a tool to manipulate the planet’s population. What this means is that if someday ET lands at the Whitehouse or UN, and declares that some president or other world leader is their chosen go-to man, we should all immediately be extremely cautious about lending belief.

Remember that, over history, in some places airplanes and the pilots that flew them were worshipped as gods by more primitive peoples and societies. We should not neglect to exhibit a bit of humility ourselves, and then too realize that what we are seeing may not be at all what we think it is.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that these beings aren't from another planet at all, but are biblical in scope? I've always wondered about that. The Bible says that Lucifer (Satan)was this magnificent creature...and pretty darned smart. He gets booted out of heaven and heads to earth. Originally his fallen angels mated with the women of earth and their offspring were nephilim--giants--destroyed in the flood. I'm wondering if it's possible that Lucifer figured out how to make bodies to live in, has figured out technology for flying crafts and through mind control has forced humans to build their craft. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

What I find intriguing is the variety of forms UFOs come in. Are there that many different kinds of aliens out there to justify all the varieties of spacecraft seen in photos/videos? Are alien life forms like us in that they have different models to choose from each trip they make here. If the varied forms indicates many alien life forms coming from many different areas of the universe, why hasn't at least one variety decided to make public contact? I just don't understand.

Siani said...

Great post. The more I read about the complex issues of UFOs and ETs, the more I contemplate that UFOs and so-called aliens may not be one and the same phenomenon.

Mac makes the interesting point above, that the phenomenon often appears to conform to our expectations. This makes me wonder, is it not possible that whilst there may be nuts and bolts craft from elsewhere visiting our planet, just as we send out probes to Mars, some other phenomenon, of a more paranormal nature, has latched onto our interest in these UFOs, and is exploiting that interest to mess around with us? I guess what I'm driving at, is that UFOs and "aliens" may possibly not be part of the same phenomenon, as many alleged human-alien encounters seem to have a lot in common with hauntings, etc. But who knows? As you say, we can't possibly expect to evaluate the whole UFO/ET conundrum in terms of what would be logical behaviour for humans. If aliens are visiting us, we would be naive to expect them to think and behave like humans.

Press to Digitate said...

That ET is responsible for at least a major fraction of UFO activity is a settled issue. Its hokum to contend any longer that 'there are no ETs involved'.

1. We have eyewitness accounts from thousands of Contactees/Abductees who have said the Aliens identified themselves as such. In many cases, those who have communicated have givne their places of origin, and they seem to cluster around the same handful of nearby stars (Epsilon Eridani, Tau Ceti, Zeta Reticuli, etc. In most cases, the Contactee/Abductee had no prior astronmical knowledge from which to have invented these as candidates for ET homeworlds.

2. We have eyewitness accounts from hundreds of former government spooks and military and bureaucrats who've come clean with what they know, that the craft recovered from crash retrievals are alien spacecraft from nonhuman interstellar civilizations. In fact, these reports are remarkable in their consistency; nearly all contend that it is known - on the inside - that multiple ET races are involved. Consequently, you'd expect different vehicle configurations, operational imperatives, and methodologies, even among ETs.

3. We have a growing archive of thousands of pages of leaked and declassified government documents which specifically describe known ET races, vehicle configurations, and activities. These include USAF ET Crash Retrieval manuals and training materials.

4. Extradimensional incursions, whether by spiritual beings, ghosts, angels, demons, etc., while also in many cases well documented, DO NOT CRASH AND LEAVE MACHINERY WRECKAGE STREWN ACROSS THE LANDSCAPE, requiring massive cleanup and containment efforts.

5. We have thousands of eyewitness reports of OOBE/NDE experiencers, astral projectors, and shamanic psychonauts who attest to nonphysical transportation and interdimensional travel and communications. Then there are the millions worldwide in all cultures who have seen ghosts, or reported their reincarnation from past lives.

While not every UFO is a flying saucer and not every Ghost is a departed loved one, the overwhealming weight of the massive accumulated evidence is that both are real. The bottom line is that our "reality" is much larger than polite science has the stones to accept. Failure to accept the larger reality - also known as 'denial' - represents a failure to adapt to changing environments, and is emblematic of obsolescence. Among living species, or human cultures, 'Obsolete' is the immediate precursor to becoming 'Extinct'.

Ken said...

You make a good point. I have often said that the "high strangeness" of some UFO sitings is more convincing to me than anything of their genuineness. The more mundane they seem, the more likely they are to be fake, or part of a government black project.


WADE said...


Anonymous said...

My feel on UFOs comes from many sources of different political/spiritual views. I believe there is hardware - and spirits.

Hardware is just hardware.

Dave Emory has superb shows on Nazi foofighters bewildering Allied pilots. Think circular-RC-plane-gizmos with UFO propulsion.

There is also the Nazi "Brotherhood of the Bell" using electrogravitics. Luke Fortune has encylopedias of UFO tech patents.

Dr. Deagle reports the head of U.S. Space Command said it controlled "every square centimeter of space between here and Mars." Not the Moon, Mars; and Deagle asked to be sure. You need hardware to do that.

So neat stuff flies around, sure.

What about spirits? History is vastly more replete with spirit contact than *any* UFO stuff. Saying of UFOs that "there are too many witnesses to dismiss it all" - the same statment works for spirits.

Occultists run this planet - see - and its space programs. JPL was an O.T.O. chapter. Richard Hoagland reports on NASA's Freemasonry, if not his own occultism, Nazis were deep occultists. So are the Skull and Bonesmen in America today, and all their Bohemian Grove advisors. You don't need demons to smell the occult in space.

Now why would occultists want UFOs? Well, what do defectors say?

Werner von Braun issued a deathbed warning about a stage-managed alien visit.

Where ufology falls flat is the mentality that all reference to demons is from Christian fundamentalists with closed minds. They believe anything on TV, like most people. The UFO build-up has most of them now saying aliens are possible. But it's the crazy *occultists* who are *running our planet* that are talking about demons and UFOs faking aliens.

Google "Roger Morneau's Trip into the Supernatural" :
"The [occult] high priest continued, 'It's going to be done in a unique manner, this grand plan. Demon spirits will declare themselves to be inhabitants of far distant planets of the galaxies'...He said the spirits will promise that if their recommendations are followed carefully they will usher in a glorious new age..."

"New England Director of the [occult] House of Theosophy, Bill Lambert...continued with his seminar...'UFO's and Aliens are part of the New World Order....They will appear at the proper time to enable mankind to make that Quantum Leap of Collective Consciousness -- when the Anti-Christ appears.'"

"To no surprise, alien symbology is identical to that of the Mystery Religions of ancient Babylon."

So yes, there is hardware, and yes, there are demons too.

'Alien' bodies may exist as bio experiments. Demons are quite interested in bodies, even pigs it seems. Very esoteric high-order Masonic initiations (above 33rd) reportedly include soul transference. Deagle goes into really weird bio experiements,

However I do not discount aliens, all I say is, that we can't believe the show when it hits Broadway. All this sci-fi / Coast AM lead-up to 'disclosure' of the 'alien presence' is silly.

We already know governments lie about inflation, war, assassination, atrocities, etc. Supposedly we know they've been lying to us about aliens, too. Why are we suddenly going to believe when they tell us 'the aliens are here'?


And they have trained us to want it PRECISELY because it will 'break the chains' of traditional faiths.

THAT is the game plan. THAT is the motivation.

I kind of laugh hearing people worry about fundamentalists in government. One thing you need to know about occultists - THEY believe in all the things fundamentalists do:

- the earth is 6,000 years old
- Lucifer and demons exist
- a Creator exists
- no aliens exist (that man will ever see, anyhow)
- a Rapture will happen "real soon now"

And THEY run this planet...pretending, of course, to be Christians!

Anonymous said...

Too many assumptions!
1)People "assume" UFO's have "live" occupants.
2) People readily accept extraterrestrials have the technology to traverse the universe but inexplicably slam into earth like bugs on the windshield of a moving vehicle. DUH!!!
3) US Government mastered the use of mind altering drugs in the 60's and 70's - causing individuals to "believe" they are victims of an alien encounter would be no real challenge!!
4) Wake up people!

Anonymous said...

I tend to disagree that all of the high strangeness and bizarre and often nonsensical nature of UFO encounters would be due simply to our own misunderstanding of "aliens" and I say this because I believe if we are dealing with "nuts and bolts" space ships going from point A to point B in the universe a certain amount of universal logic would have to exist because it's not unsafe to assume the laws of physics are pretty universal throughout the universe. Alien life forms can be as weird, bizarre, and illogical to us as ever but I doubt anything that "weird" to us would have the logical frame of mind to build a space ship and travel the universe in a practical manner. So the aliens that DO arrive here actually SHOULD be more logical to us but they aren't! I mean, people have reported small hairy animal like creatures coming out of flying saucers, as well amorphous blobs, various dwarves, some giants, ad infinitum. Read the literature, especially John Keel and Jaques Vallee. We cannot dismiss the ridiculous sounding reports simply because they don't sound plausible. And what are the odds that all this motley crew of weird creatures would possess these wonderful disc shaped space machines or even be able to operate them? One thing John Keel asked was not what is the answer, but rather what is the QUESTION?
Maybe we aren't even asking the right question about the origin of UFO's. Maybe obtaining the technology of gravity manipulation all of a sudden opens a door of physics which allows not just dimensional travel, but dimensional DWELLING. Maybe the Philidelphia experiment was real and the US government "found" another dimension, another earth reality right here in another timeshift or something and people could be living there with an "American" culture going down a completely different direction. This could be why the "Men In Black" still drive immaculate 1950's black cadillacs and talk like G-men with them and their cars only to vanish into thin air. It could also mean if Nazi UFO's were real why Germany lost the war. Maybe they moved on in a different reality and that could explain the "Nordic" humanoid flying saucer occupant reports. And the "grey aliens" could have been living in these nether realms all along.
I believe nature finds a way and that these parallel dimensions may simply "be" just as our reality simply exists. They may not require a bunch of wormholes, string theory, or complex Eisteinian theories to justify their existence. These other realms may be what has long been called the "spirit world" and perhaps the spirit world can be accessible by what we call physical matter. It makes a lot more sense to me that these things are comign from parallel realities than far away star systems, regardless of what the so called ET's say. Maybe they lie. I think they do. And then we have the dreadful animal mutilations. I'm sorry but any life form traveling the universe to come shun the most intelligent life on earth only to clandestinely mutilate cows would have a hard time explaining their "logic". Personally, I think the cattle mutes are being done by what Trevor Constable called "sky critters", or cosmic predator. They are some very weird energetic life form that resembles a glowing disc and has been caught on infrared film. It's all so friken creepy God help us all. :)

Press to Digitate said...

The notion that the Establishment/Government that has lied and killed for 60+ years to deny, discredit, and cover up the reality of alien UFO contact would suddenly somehow "fake" the arrival of aliens is ludicrous. Its absolutely whacko. The coverup leaks like a seive; hundreds of people are breaking their security oathes to tell what they know. They cant manage to keep it bottled up, how could they possibly manage to then "fake" it convincingly? Come on, smell the coffee.

In any question between tangible Flying Saucers and a mythical Jesus of antiquity, there is no question which will have to be taken at face value as "real". The day after any disclosure/arrival, any religionists clinging to the notion that its all some government/demon hoax - and "alien UFOs *STILL* dont exist" - will be likened to believers in a flat Earth.

Even three years after Kitty Hawk, there were those who believed the Wright Brothers had perpetrated a hoax, because machines could not possibly "fly".

Try this: Go to your nearest international airport, sit at the end of the runway, watching the jets takeoff and land, and try to convince yourself that 'Demons are just making me believe these are real'. That's exactly how silly the 'demon UFO hoax' fantasy is going to sound in the future.

Sure, demons (non-corporeal entities that have never been human) probably exist. But there has never been any evidence that they can manifest as (or in) metallic disk/cylinder/boomerang shaped vehicles - or NEED vehicles for any purpose. They have never manifested higher intelligence, sophistication, or second/third order agendas. Every demon manifestation ever recorded has been of lower order, primitive, primal, almost mindless spirits.

While it is likely that any advanced alien race from another planet probably knows more about the other dimensions, the afterlife, nonphysical life forms, and God, than WE know, there is no reason to confuse the two.

Anonymous said...

So lets try this 'new way of thinking' in quantum physics, since we can not yet rationally explain many phenomena, functions of certain wave/particle & their interactions with one another, then lets assume those things just arent happening as we SEE them, or find some 'further fetched' than the our obvious reasoning allows. rule #1 people, the most obvious answer usually "not always" is the closest to the truth

Mike_K said...

Just a quick word on the subect. I hope I can elaborate more at a later date. I think one of the most obvious explanations for the strangeness associated with the aspect of UFO’s has been overlooked. Disinformation!
The stranger they act while interacting with us, the less likely any reports of their activity will be taken seriously. Taken in conjunction with the governments reluctance to explain these activities, it assures their ability to pursue whatever agenda that suites them.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Press to Digitate is bald wrong - let's say, whacko. HE WANTS TO BELIEVE.

He sets up strawmen to demolish without reading the post. No one said demons are manifesting as discs. What was said: discs are real hardware.

The main point: religionists were *not* identified in that comment saying demons will fake aliens. The *occultists* say it. PtD himself brought up Jesus, proving the post correct. This auto-association keeps ufology from reading the admissions. The occultists *hate* Jesus. But ufo buffs hear demons, and go into mental lock: autoassociation, must dismiss, must attack, build strawmen, etc.

PtD assumes what the gov covers up is alien contact. Also assumes leaks are not intentional. Wrong, and wrong - two massive assumptions that are dead wrong.

What they've covered up is secret tech and postwar Nazi Reich continuance. Dave Emory goes into that a lot, but sheesh, you can hardly read histories of NASA or CIA without tripping over postwar Nazis.

Look up Kissinger's speech about an alien threat, "whether real or promulgated." Hear that: "promulgated." The long term soft conditioning is cover story and event prep. And of course, Kissinger was an old Nazi from way back. The staged event will be the Kissinger scenario, or the reverse, "they are here to help us."

The alien/UFO meme is a handy cover story for secret tech. We peasants pay $3.50/gallon when we could be flying around for pennies. The PTB can't let us do that, so natch, it's "aliens"!!

And we sit around waiting for PTB to "release" the tech "we know" they have but gee, "they can't" because it's alien and they aren't ready to admit that "alien" part yet. So they killed Tesla (, and ever since, everything has been "alien" tech. So, no one asks the proper question, "why the hell are we not getting cheap oil from Iraq, and why the hell are we still driving cars when we can see with our own eyes that human beings are flying saucers all over the planet." The answer: we little peasants are not meant to travel much at all, and will soon need internal passports, a la USSR, to move between our Agenda 21 habitats.

Did you hear Greer from Disclosure Project on Coast? He advises strange preparations for alien contact. Mental openness, altered states, remote viewing. And oh, a bright laser light prop. But that's not enough, gotta have your head wide open. I'd call it a seance. It fits perfectly with what the occultists say. I think Greer is misled, but he could be part of the plot.

Some of the UFOs that qualify as "lights in the sky" are just plasma balls from satellite beams intersecting, also related to crop circles. With the beams they can make the "ball" travel arbitrarily fast relative to ground. They can make "squadron formations" too. The crop circle stuff is computer CAD uplinked to sat computers, and then drawn on the ground (gamma ray traces in the crops are telltale). Check recent pieces about the giant space machines and notice the long aspect ratios. These are probably beam devices.

But all of it is intended to condition us that "aliens are here." The intelligent question is why they bother us at all. All that Greer can offer is the "cosmic mind" gets disturbed. More seance stuff dressed up as faux science. I think real aliens would have better things to do than visit our backwater and if they did, they wouldn't care so much about our perceptions to play hide and seek. Only our governments are that deeply tuned into perception management.

Besides, if you believe the ufology, aliens were teaching and even DNA-manipulating humans thousands of years now, so why the hide-and-seek? It doesn't fit - but disinfo would fit like a glove.