Monday, March 03, 2008

Best Evidence - 2008 EBE Award Winner

So, here I am in sunny Los Angeles, hanging out with my good pal Greg Bishop - not a cloud in the sky! Hurrah!!

The end of the International UFO Convention and Film Festival was great - super banquet, lots of nice folks, some very good films (and therefore some great competition), and a WIN for Best Evidence, in the category that probably meant the most to me, as a guy with a history degree - Best Historical Documentary. Lovely statue!

I can't remember what I said in my stumbling "aw shucks" acceptance speech, other than thanking my Mom & Dad in particular, and ending with "God Save the Queen", which was a running joke all week between we Canucks and Brits on one side, and our southern cousins the Yankee Doodles on the other. I thanked everyone in general who worked on the film, or who helped get it made, but the list of names was too long to be specific. However, here are some I absolutely should have mentioned, and who I wish had been there to see their hard work pay off:

Findlay Muir - DOP
John Rosborough - Post Audio & Music
Zan Rosborough - Post Audio
Jim Kimball - Co-Producer / Production Manager
Kris Lee McBride - Narrator
Thor Henrickson - On-Line Editor

Also, of course, Linda Wood and Ann MacKenzie at Film NS, which invested in the film, Andrew Mark Sewell at B7 Media in the UK (our distributor), and Charlotte Engel at Space: The Imagination Station, which commissioned it. Can't forget Nan MacDonald and Linda Kearney at the RBC. Finally, everyone who appeared in the film, including our chief consultant Brad Sparks, as well as Stan Friedman, Nick Pope, Don Ledger, Dick Hall, Bruce Maccabee, Mac Tonnies, Lt. Col. Bruce Bailey, Capt. Robert Salas, Col. Charles Halt... it's a very long list!

The EBE belongs to them as much as me... but I get to keep it! ;-)

Thanks everyone, for making me look good!

Paul Kimball


Mac said...

Congrats! And that is indeed a cool statue! :-)

Katie said...

Congratulations Paulie! That's awesome!

Russ said...


I am really looking forward to the day where I can get my grubby little hands on this documentary in the U.S..

I hope this award is just the first of many!

David Biedny said...

Excellent, Paul! There's an award that's more than earned. Kudos to you & your crew, it's a great doc that needs to be shown on U.S. TV.

Mac said...

Wait a second, Paul. Is that *beer* I see in those photos?

So the rumors are true: you really *are* an intellectually impoverished mid-life wreck! ;-)

Paul Kimball said...

Russ, Katie, David:



Alas, the secret is out... ;-)


El Cerdo Ignatius said...

I'm late to the table, Paul, but allow me to extend my congratulations to you on a job well done, and an award well deserved.

And there's nothing wrong with being an impoverished mid-life wreck. Take it from one who is.

Alfred Lehmberg said...

" really *are* an intellectually impoverished mid-life wreck!"

It's those feet of clay provides a justification for our endearment, eh Mr. T? Kinda makes you all squishy in the bubblies, but in a good way not producing a lot of gas, you know?

But seriously, Paul's pretty much landmark film has provided a substantive couch with which to support an appreciation of an upcoming film: Cherniak's "The Politics Of Reality."

Moreover, I suspect Paul will really be able to add to the depth of commentary in that film's regard, eh?

Paul's edge-running lotus position shown its ability to actually levitate. Effortless grace rising and advancing. New consciousness, old barriers down for new barriers conjectured and further afield. Higher. Faster. Closer. It's the future.

Let's go. [g].

Paul Kimball said...

Thanks. Hope you had a good trip to Florida.
Also, I'm not a train-wreck... just an accident waiting to happen (in the immortal words of Billy Bragg). ;-)

Paul Kimball said...

Thank you. If you liked BE, wait until you see what the future holds!

Rebecca said...

Hi Paul. Just echoing the sentiments of all those clamoring for a US release! Hope all is well. -Rebecca

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Paul. Well deserved I'm sure.