Saturday, October 05, 2013

William Lyon MacKenzie King

William Lyon MacKenzie King, Canada's longest serving Prime Minister (1921 - 1926; 1926 - 1930; 1935 - 1948), and the architect of our social welfare system, was a devoted spiritualist and occultist. He regularly attempted to commune with spirits, including those of Leonardo da Vinci, Sir Wilfrid Laurier (his mentor, and a former Prime Minister), his dead mother, and several of his Irish Terrier dogs. He also owned and used a Ouija board, and claimed to commune with the spirit of the late President Franklin Roosevelt, his fellow Allied leader during the Second World War. His occult interests were kept secret during his years in office, and only became publicized later. 

One of the greatest Canadians... and a genuinely weird guy!

Paul Kimball

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