Monday, January 15, 2007

O'Hare: If Photos or Video Exist, Will We See Them?

Rumours abound that video exists of whatever was seen over O'Hare airport on November 7, 2006, taken by a pilot, and that it may be released soon. But some are wondering if we will ever see any footage or photos.

Over at the UFO Mystic Blog of my pals Greg Bishop and Nick Redfern, for example, one reader, in response to a comment of mine, asked:

You have to wonder, though, if pictures were taken by the pilots, would they be willing to come forward with them given the poor reception UFO reports made by pilots have been given by the airline industry historically.
My response?

I don’t wonder at all - of course they would bring the photos, or video, forward, unless perhaps the photos or footage actually showed something mundane, which would indeed make the pilots (and a lot of other people) look pretty silly. After all, these guys have already come forward and offered their witness accounts (i.e. they’ve taken the most difficult step) - surely offering photos or video that would potentially corroborate those accounts wouldn’t be much of a leap at all (and might actually make them some money, if it was really sensational stuff).

Everybody wants to be vindicated, after all. It's human nature.

Further, to my knowledge, there has never been a pilot fired for making a UFO report, or putting forward pictures. Indeed, if a pilot or other employee was fired for doing so (when the FAA itself states explicitly that any UFO sightings should be reported to organizations like NUFORC, or the police) they would have a pretty good case for unjust dismissal, particularly where they’re unionized.

If photos exist, therefore, I expect we will see them - unless, as I said, they show something that might indeed make the pilots et al look foolish, like… well, nothing anomalous.

However, if video or photos do exist that show something out of the ordinary, then they will be made public, and fairly soon - at which point things could get really interesting.

Paul Kimball


The Odd Emperor said...

The most likely scenario is, some airport workers (baggage handlers and the like) were together in an Internet chat room when someone said;

“Say;, next time we see a hole-punch cloud, let’s play a prank!”

Don’t t say I didn’t warn you!

Greg Bishop said...

If any photos of video DO come out, I fearlessly predict (as one of my heroes, "The Amazing Criswell" said) that they will provide Evidence for UFO supporters, and inconclusive or hoaxed evidence for the "skeptics."

Their effect on public opinion will be one of enormous indifference.

Them's my prognostications, and I'm standing by 'em.