Thursday, March 16, 2006

Best Evidence Poll - Links re: lesser known cases

Patrick Huyghe of the Anomalist has suggested that I provide readers with some links to the various cases listed in the Best Evidence poll. Normally, I would do so, but I'm battling a nasty cold right now, so my time and energy is limited. Besides, if you're not aware of cases like Shag Harbour, Bentwaters, Minot AFB, or Belgium, all of which have received substantial public attention in recent years, you probably shouldn't be voting (I'm a big believer in the general principle that the only valid vote is an informed vote).

However, I recognize that there are some cases on the list that, while they are familiar to UFO cognoscenti, may be less familiar to the general public. Accordingly, and not to influence the outcome of the poll in any way, here are some links to those cases where you can find more information.


1953 Agoura (Kelly Johnson) sighting

1947 Lincoln LaPaz sighting

1996 Yukon case

Paul Kimball

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