Sunday, December 04, 2005

Picard's Finest Moment

Jean-Luc Picard fans - click here for a laugh.

Paul Kimball


William said...

That's bizarre! Do you happen to know what motivated this outtake?


Paul Kimball said...


I think it was an extra on one of the DVD compilations.

As to what motivated it, actors are always goofing around on set. We've got some pretty nifty outtakes from our various productions, most of which would be rated "R"! :-)


Aion said...

Theater majors were some of the strangest people on the Bloomington campus. Not exactly the sort of people to be around if you're easily embarassed. They're known to jump in and out of character for reasons not yet known to science.

Paul Kimball said...


Law students were known to exhibit similar behaviour, at least in my day!

Good to see you're still around.